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Director Ricky Greenwood brings to life this chilling Christmas story of fear, desire, and sacrifice. In the true spirit of Christmas, Mr. Greenwood is donating the proceeds from this movie to the charity The Sidewalk Project because "You can only take with you what you give away. " You better not shout, you better not cry, the Krampus is coming to town, and if you're naughty. . . this very well may be your last Christmas. In this future Yuletide classic, Santa and elves are nowhere in sight. Instead, the great monster of legend, the horrifying Krampus, takes center stage. But unlike any Krampus you've ever seen, this one has hunger not only for flesh, but also for cock. Tommy Pistol reads a bedtime story on a chilling winter night. Just like Scrooge waiting for the toll of midnight, he has one eye on the clock, waiting for the monster from his past to reappear and claim its prize. With long fingers and six breasts, the Krampus is a monstrous beauty that will enchant even the non-believers. In a race against time, Pistol will need to keep the Krampus hungry until morning. Then when the first light of Christmas dawn emerges on the horizon, the Krampus will be cast back into the darkest shadows. This holiday season, you decide if you want to be naughty or nice, but if you're naughty, you won't just get a lump of coal. . . you'll get gobbled up by the Krampus.