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Jealousy sex between Mike (Ryan Mclane) and his girlfriend Julia, (Penny Barber) after she discovers that her deceased husband has come back from the military alive! Julia (Penny Barber) and her long-time boyfriend, Mike (Ryan Mclane), are coming back to her home after a movie and dinner date. The two laugh and reminisce about the movie they saw until Penny stops with a shocked look on her face. There is a man slumped over on her doorstep, he appears to be out of it, dirty, and he scares her. Mike soothes Julia, "let me take care of him," as he kicks the man, "get outta here, move on!" Julia is surprised at Mike's heartlessness, kicking a man while he's obviously down and out. She bends down, "are you ok? Do you need to go to a hospital?" The man lifts his drowsy head and Julia recognizes him! "Paul!" How could it be Paul? He passed away while he was in service for the army. They never found his body.. it could be him? Julia puts her arm under Paul's and urges Mike to help the man inside. Mike is skeptical that this man is who Julia thinks he is. He looks through his pockets, opens his jacket and sees his military tag, "Paul Greenwood." Julia gasps, "it's him!" Mike sat back in shock as he sees his girlfriend cry for her husband, the man they all thought was gone. Is he going to lose Julia?

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Director Ricky Greenwood brings to life this chilling Christmas story of fear, desire, and sacrifice. In the true spirit of Christmas, Mr. Greenwood is donating the proceeds from this movie to the charity The Sidewalk Project because "You can only take with you what you give away. " You better not shout, you better not cry, the Krampus is coming to town, and if you're naughty. . . this very well may be your last Christmas. In this future Yuletide classic, Santa and elves are nowhere in sight. Instead, the great monster of legend, the horrifying Krampus, takes center stage. But unlike any Krampus you've ever seen, this one has hunger not only for flesh, but also for cock. Tommy Pistol reads a bedtime story on a chilling winter night. Just like Scrooge waiting for the toll of midnight, he has one eye on the clock, waiting for the monster from his past to reappear and claim its prize. With long fingers and six breasts, the Krampus is a monstrous beauty that will enchant even the non-believers. In a race against time, Pistol will need to keep the Krampus hungry until morning. Then when the first light of Christmas dawn emerges on the horizon, the Krampus will be cast back into the darkest shadows. This holiday season, you decide if you want to be naughty or nice, but if you're naughty, you won't just get a lump of coal. . . you'll get gobbled up by the Krampus.

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Famous Hollywood actress, Angela White, is hosting a little party with her famous model girlfriend, Skye Blue, and a few other industry elites. The friends discuss what Angela would have done if she didn't take the plane from her boring Midwest home to LA to get her very first big break. It was just a short and simple "what if" that kept Angela's mind buzzing. She made love with her wife that night, her wife's porcelain skin pressed up against hers, her wife's beautiful eyes gazing into hers, and Angela came with her. The orgasm was perfect and strong, but was it love? People in love don't cheat, and Skye cheated on her last December. Angela hears a crash in the living room. She thinks about waking her wife, but instead, she investigates on her own. She's terrified as she sees a dark figure standing alone in a room eerily illuminated in blue. As she gets closer she sees it's a woman. The woman turns around and it is her! Angela wakes up next to a man, a strange Frenchman! She stumbles down the stairs with her head ringing from the time travel. She looks around her posh home and sees a muslin cloth, camera equipment, lighting, and she realizes that she's a photographer. Angela rolls her eyes at herself, and just then her husband comes down the stairs dressed for work and arguing in French with someone on the phone. How did she end up with Stefan and not Tommy? Tommy the love of her life. Tommy, the man who used to eat ice cream and watch movies with her when she was feeling blue. "Which Tommy?" "Tommy is on payroll, you know this," Stefan tells her. She scrunches her brow together, how in the hell did Tom end up working for her husband? Shortly after Stefan leaves, Tommy arrives and Angela stumbles around the idea of confessing about her chance. Watch the story unfold.