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Scenes Include Pot Belly Poor Dino is suffering from glaucoma. His only relief is his government issued G-13. But, when rotund registered nurse Roxy Blaze switches it with a pachira plant, Dino sees red! Now, Roxy has to give up her cavernous cunthole or lose her job! The Secret of my Parkinson's When famous, diminutive Hollywood actor learns about a special bio agent in sperm that could cure his Parkinson's, he immediately sends chunky cunthole Erika Kole back to the future to collect a sample. Black Cock Down When corporal Cumminz returned from the Iraqi war, he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Disorder. When he fucked beefy butterball nurse Lizzy Liques in an attempt to reconnect with society, it was simply called, "gross!" The Trouble With Rod's Career Porn star Rod Fontana was injured on the job. Now, pudgy state agency nurse Lucki Chatsworth is looking into his case. Is Rod's medical condition keeping him from working? Or, is it that he is bald, fat, and ugly? Lucki is determined to find out!

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Hundreds of years ago, fat chicks waddled freely across this great land. They were worshipped and revered. But, with the advent of gymnasiums, healthy eating habits, and general good public taste, the fat chick soon gave way to her skinny counterpart - the hot chick. From then on, the alliance with fat chicks would forever be fragile. But, there is one man amongst us who serves as the custodian it this fragile bond. A man who can look past the flabby skin and deep into the fat chick's soul. This man is known as...the Chunky Whisperer.