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Smokin' Toes These heartless girls know the power their bare feet have over men, and love to abuse it! Deanna makes a nicotine addict smoke his last cigarette from between her painted toes. Cruel Ariel a horny geek to lick dirt from her soft soles. Katrina and beautiful Gabriela simply tease you, the weak-willed viewer, with visions of barefoot ecstasy you'll never know! -Mark Archer

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Psycho Photo Shoot Why is this little slut wearing fishnets under her jeans? Are you willing to suck her toes for the answer? Leg Up The world's first foot fetish game show. Prizes include sweaty foot fucking and the most intense orgasmic toe-curling ever caught on film! Jeff the Pervert Strikes Again A magic ring makes her Jeff's slave. He commands her to fuck herself with a monster dildo-using nothing but her soft bare feet!