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Tonight, Emily Willis and Cherry Kiss have a date with Kristof Cale, a charming bachelor on a business trip to Paris who thinks he's hosting two high-class escorts. Although they are experts in all areas of pleasure, the two young women are in fact professional hustlers who take advantage of the influential men they meet to get money or important documents that they can sell to the highest bidder. After a very exciting beginning of the evening during which Kristof enjoyed the best threesome of his life, Emily took advantage of a moment of inattention from the young man to slip away and go to steal a bundle of money in a briefcase. It is at this precise moment that their meticulous plan went wrong. During her absence, an armed stranger blacked out Cherry and Kristof before hooding the pretty brunette to take her to an unknown place. In an abandoned warehouse, Emily finds herself face to face with Tony, one of her former victims who has been behind bars for a few years because of her. To get revenge, Tony offers her a deal she can't refuse. Emily will have to pay him back by doing some data theft "work" for him, or else he will take revenge on her sister Candie. To carry out this mission, Emily will have to reform her former team of professionals composed of Clara Mia, Cléa Gaultier, Anissa Kate, Carollina Cherry, and Cherry Kiss, who has recovered from her harsh encounter. At first reluctant to work together again, they eventually put aside their differences with the sole purpose of saving Candie. Even if their targets don't seem to have anything in common, they know that they will have to put their charms forward to carry out this mission. Their first victim is Ricky Mancini, a high-level computer engineer. Knowing that the man is very suspicious, they will not be able to break into his home without outside help. Ricky and Tiffany Leiddi, his wife, go out regularly, leaving the custody of their child to Eve Sweet, their regular babysitter. While Clea's mission is to seduce the pretty Eve and invite her to spend a long and pleasant time at her place, Cherry must pretend to be her replacement. At first a little surprised to see a stranger, the couple decides to go out anyway and meet in their favorite private club. While they're away, Cherry has plenty of time to hack into the engineer's computer. Clara Mia, on the other hand, has been assigned to keep the couple busy at the club for as long as possible. Despite their reputation as a serious couple, they never turn down the chance to have a good time with other women, especially if they are as charming as Clara. So the trio meet in the back of the club, in a quieter place to get to know each other better. Clara is a fan of shared pleasures, whether it's with a man or a woman, so she knows how to keep her new playmates busy, leaving the field open to Cherry and her computer hacker. Meanwhile, the rest of the team prepares all the equipment they will need for the rest of the mission. Anissa finally decides to get into the game by introducing herself to J.P.X, an entrepreneur who made his fortune creating startups related to finance. His latest fad is to enter the highly competitive cryptocurrency sector, and he must replace his Human Resources Director on short notice because she left "in a hurry" to deal with a family matter. To finance his new project, J.P.X. has teamed up with Igor, a rich businessman who intends to pocket a big slice of the pie. The latter makes it clear to his French partner that he would like not only to recover the 8 million dollars invested but also a more than comfortable profit. To relax and think about something else before the big launch party, Igor and Anna Polina, his right-hand woman/bodyguard, meet in a hammam that they regularly go to discuss hot issues. In this case, it is especially Anna who burns with desire for her boss and she intends to make him benefit from her curves and all her charms. Meanwhile, Anissa, who has realized that her new boss likes to spend quality time with his HR director, takes advantage of the empty offices to fulfill her part of the contract. While she blindfolds him and promises to give him a night he won't forget, Cherry and Clea break into the office to attack the contractor's computer and steal important data. Even though this operation only took two minutes, Anissa intends to go all the way with her boss to avoid blowing her cover. Her penchant for sex and all its pleasures is no stranger to her desire to finish her mission. While Emily's team thinks they're taking all the risks to save Candie, the girls realize that they can get a $30 million payout once their operation is complete. On his side, Tony tries to prove to Emily that he treats his sister well... but she doesn't seem to be that unhappy... And if behind all this masquerade Tony's revenge was only a pretext to rob Ricky, J.P.X and Igor and take advantage of the money with the beauty in his custody? The young woman seems indeed to be very close to her kidnapper and proves it to him on the roof of the yacht on which she is supposed to be kept prisoner. A few days later, while the launch of the new Cryptocurrency is a success, Anissa Cherry, Clea, Emily, Carollina and Clara manage to be invited to the very private party organized to celebrate the success of this very juicy financial operation. While they divert Igor's attention in a real orgy, Emily, as usual, slips away to hack the businessman's computer and embezzle the huge amount of money collected. And if for once, her plan doesn't work out as planned?

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Their sexual impulses are so strong that they will do anything to satisfy them.

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"Clea has two passions in life: art and men. During the day, she runs one of the most prominent galleries in Paris with a masterful hand. It must be said that she has a real knack for spotting the artists that will make her gallery famous. Anissa, her pulpy assistant, is no stranger to her boss's success. Indeed, the pretty brunette never hesitates to give of herself to convince rich collectors to invest in works that will surely increase in value. On the surface, Clea has all the qualities to be a perfect woman. She is beautiful and the best in her field. In reality, Clea's personality is a little more complex than it seems. She is convinced that all men want her at first sight and she intends to take advantage of it. One by one... until the next.

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Liya and Rick get home in their sumptuous appartment after a romantic night out. Ricky is about to have a last drink but as he takes out the bottle of champagne to offer a drink to his magnificent girlfriend, the latter, very excited, literally jumps on top of him. Thats all it takes for Ricky to give up his first idea and embrace the situation and the young Liya. The pretty brunette soon goes to the bedroom and does not wait for Ricky to undress as she starts masturbating. Ricky sits besides her and watches her pleasure herself. Unable to resist her charms, he finally joins Liya in bed Discover the rest in this hot scene with one of the most beautiful actresses of the moment, shot just for you!

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Vasquez rules without contest over the merciless world of drug dealers. With the help of his wife Megan, he does everything to make his business grow. Violence, perversity, lust, everything gives him the feeling of being invincible! The problem is that his overconfidence might turn against him. Mina, his partner's sensual wife has been living under Vasquez's protection since the police arrested her husband. Convinced that Vasquez betrayed him, Mina swore that she would do anything to get him out of prison and back at the head of the organization. Led by her desire of vengeance, Mina will submit herself to all the deprivations that will enable her to reach her goal. Whether it's filling Megan's sexual frustration to win her confidence, or even offering her body to a lustful policeman to prove her desire to collaborate, nothing will break her determination. Between a robbery where vice and pleasure come together, Go-fast’s chases and an orgy into the heat of the Parisian night...Mina will assume her role as an infiltrated cop in the most enjoyable way. With its ultra-realistic action scenes, breathtaking scenery and its movie direction that sublimates the performances of splendid performers of international fame, “Undercover” will carry you into a torrid story that projects the adult movies into a new dimension.

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After a whole year of absence, Claire Castel comes back in her most perverse hardcore movie of her career. She thought she had sexually experimented everything, this movie will show her that she is still far from reaching her limits Claire, 30 years old, is a shy woman who spends more time at work than trying to sort out her love life. When she meets Jean Lefort, a famous writer, Claire can't imagine how much her life is going to change. This very charismatic man is a true Master of domination and submission games. What Claire doesn't know is that he's decided she would become his new plaything. Claire embarks on an initiation journey that will take her through submission, perversion and luxury. From now on, Jean and her will meet only if she agrees to his unconditional terms. Her Master will make her feel pleasures she didn't even know existed. Public exhibition, prostitution, nothing will be spared to turn her into a woman proud of all the pleasures she can give. Her journey will lead her to accomplish her most extreme fantasy.

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The very specific activies of high end escorts allow them to travel all over the world with all expenses paid for by their rich clients. Five young women have decided to make a living by giving pleasure to all the men they meet. Although they all have different looks, these young women all have one thing in common : an immoderate taste for sex and lust. Megan, a young american, flew all the way to Paris to meet to wealthy business men who wanted to have a good time between two meetings. Ready to fulfill all their fantasies, Megan will meet them in a magnificent Parisian loft and will give them her body for a long and deep double penetration. Julie, a beautiful girl from Belgium has an appointment with Kristof and two of his friends for a very special bachelor party. Dressed in her sexiest lingerie, Julie will prove them that they made the right decision by hiring her. After their very hot sex encounter, Kristof will join some friends in one of Paris most exclusive clubs. Nikita will show them the full extent of her sexual abilities. Before flying back to the US, Megan has one last appointment with a rich and well endowed man. In spite of the size of his cock, he'll have no problem penetrating the frail girl's tigh pussy before rewarding her with a long and warm facial cumshot. Anissa, a brunette with big natural tits and Jessie, a blond girl with a high libido work as a duo. Today, their mission is to take care of Rico. Shy at first, Rico eventually shows that he can be a great lover.

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Don't you dare touch my daughter!" After a heated argument with his new wife, famous Luxembourgish banker Marc Seragano leaves home to meet his mistress, Nikita, to enjoy some of the most perverse S&M sex games. After he is found dead, all fingers point to the dominatrix. His young and charming daughter, Cara, vows to find out the truth about what happened, no matter what price she has to pay. Convinced of Nikita's innocence, Cara asks her for help to find the real killers. The shadow of a secret organisation hangs over their investigation. The two young women gradually descend into hell, offering their gorgeous bodies to unscrupulous men in exchange for information, agreeing to do whatever it takes to win the trust of this clandestine organisation. From blow jobs in the roughest parts of town to gang bangs in luxurious properties, Cara and Nikita will lead you to the Manor, where the most sinful sexual initiation ceremonies take place... "Revenge Of A Daughter" is a porn blockbuster which revolutionizes X-rated films. With a huge budget, naturally gorgeous actresses, taking place from Paris to the peaks of the Alps, this ultra-modern film never fails to excite and entertain.

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It's summertime. Ariel is spending the holidays at her parents' house with Lola and Manon, her two best friends. It's an opportunity for the girls to get a little bit closer and to make the most of the sexual experience of all the seductive forty-something men that they will encounter. For the moment, however, there is a long road ahead before getting to Ariel's house. To unwind, Lola takes a small anal break in the woods with the driver who offered to give them a lift. He doesn't regret his kind gesture. Ariel, who followed them, won't miss a minute of the show. The day after their arrival, Ariel's parents organised a small party for the girls. Ariel and Manon are going to use this opportunity to get a little bit closer still to one another, licking each other deeply between the legs. Meanwhile Lola offers herself to her friend's father and to one of his friends, discovering the delights of double penetration for the first time in her life. Needless to say, the beauty will ask for more. For these beautiful students from the Russian Institute, the word vacation really doesn't mean rest, the hardest of new horizons with very experienced men...

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Anissa has just inherited her deceased husband's financial empire. Now a powerful businessman and his secretary, played by the divine Claire Castel, are hovering around to take advantage of her. But Anissa certainly has no intention of submitting! Always sexy in her nylons and fine lingerie, Anissa can count on her incredible body as well as her gorgeous, submissive and devoted maids in order to get exactly what she wants. Deep throats, anal fucks, threesomes, large breasts, double penetration, facial cum. Through these six incredible hardcore yet chic scenes, you will quickly realize that Anissa's desires are insatiable.

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Perverse diner between friends : After playing the exhibitionist tourist in Paris, Lola Reve joins Anna, James & Vince for a diner between friends. For dessert, the two girls will play some lesbian games that will quickly arouse their partners. They will both fuck the girls on the kitchen table before sodomizing them. Two lovers in the shower : After spending the night in a Club, Mike & Cayenne walk through the gardens of Paris before heading back to their hotel to shower and relax. Soon, Mike takes the young woman standing against the wall before making her scream with pleasure on the bed. A girls' bath : Ariel & Anissa have been friends for a long time but never dared to take it to the next level, between each other's legs. They start playing sensual games before making things more serious with a massive sex-toy. The exhibitionist : Jessie is a young upper class girl who likes new experiences. One morning, she decides to exhibit herself on the balcony while her gardener is working a few meters away. To turn him on, she starts shaving her pussy and invites him to come and taste her freshly shaved pubic mound. After playing with the gardener's huge dick, she will let the lucky man sodomize her.

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Enter an extraordinary world of pleasures and perversions with the help of these magnificent submissive maids! Claire has no idea what awaits her when she accepts a position as a maid in this luxurious mansion. As soon as she puts on her sexy maid's uniform, she has no choice but to satisfy the Baron's every desire, even his most perverse ones...In a single glance, Claire submits completely to him. He can make her do whatever he wants, like giving John, the butler, incredible oral sex in front of everyone. Under the Baron's lustful gaze, Claire will make it her duty to make him come in her mouth. Later, the Baron will send for her during dinner. The young woman thinks that the lord of mansion wants her, but in fact, he wants to watch her be taken roughly by two men at the same time. A spectacular double penetration follows... Just when she no longer believes that he wants her, the Baron finally visits Claire while she is preparing a meal in the kitchen. Without saying a word, he brutally penetrates her from behind, and will finish by sodomising her on the table! Claire is amazed : this anal orgasm was extraordinary! But this young maid has many more surprises coming her way...

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The appeal of nature, this is probably without a doubt what puts our country girls in a real state of excitement. One first offers oral sex as a dessert to a worker, jerks off another one and finds herself with a dick between her cheeks, and finally, a third cavalier one turns on a worker near a stream and gets a good facial. During a quick lunch, the girls are not content with just toast; they also want double portions of dick. They're ready to go and if the men spend too much time in the fields, they'll pleasure themselves. There is nothing like fresh air and a good eco-friendly fuck to have a great day on the farm...