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Cléa stars as a charming scammer who, inadvertently, is arrested and discovers the prison world. Intelligent and uncomplicated, Clea will quickly realize that the prison is an ideal place to manipulate his neighbor as he pleases. To improve her daily life and especially find a way out of this prison, she will not hesitate to step back from any perversions, no penetrations. Will the young French woman come to her ends? Prison is a place of recurring perversion in the Dorcelian universe since Yasmine at the women's prison. Under the leadership of Hervé Bodilis, the fantasy took flesh. Cléa Gaultier holds the top bill in this film Marc Dorcel on the scabrous and perverse world of prisons. After a few remarkable appearances in Dorcel productions, the young and pretty brunette gratifies us with hot scenes in "The Prisoner". A skyrocketing young French libertine since her first scenes in 2016. A film under tension (sexual) with Cassie del Isla in imperturbable matron and a very intense scene with Valentina Nappi.

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"Come and experience the wild lustful adventures of Lola and her gorgeous doctor and nurse friends. The beautiful Lola is undoubtedly the most depraved of all the students in this nursing school. Students, teachers, doctors... she takes them all: she jumps on all the men, showing them her sexy underwear, barely concealed under her nurse's outfit. What an excellent example for all of her friends! Every day, Lola's high heels echo through the school hallways as she draws stares from everyone. She joins two students in an isolated room as they revise for their exams. She is quick to offer them her magnificent anus for them to take her hard from behind. Chloé, Lola's best friend, is also a sex expert. She is having a hot adventure with Dr. Delaplace, and meets him every day in his lab to play with his massive hard cock, enjoying intense orgasms. The gorgeous Anissa Kate plays Mathilde, the latest newcomer to the class. She isn't yet familiar with the ""customs"" of the institution. This big-breasted brunette will only need one incredible orgy to quickly understand how it all works. She could even become a rival for the beautiful Lola. Who knows...?"