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Watch Tell Me What You Want movie


Tell me your fantasies… Tell me your secrets… Tell me your fears… Tell me we're safe… Tell me I'm beautiful… Tell me I turn you on… Tell me how she tastes… Tell me you'll never leave… Tell me not to fear the dark… Tell me how it feels inside me… Tell me you must have me… TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT

Watch Dark Angels movie


An innocent woman is thrust into the sordid world of the undead when she witnesses a brutal murder and inadvertently becomes the next target. Fearing for her life, she seeks the aid of a young detective (Dillon Day) only to find that there is no protection from those who stalk her, and no refuge from the wrath of the undead and their queen (Sydnee Steele). Her sleep becomes riddled with nightmares and she wakes only to find that she has become one of them.