Savanna Samson

Savanna Samson



Birthplace:Rochester, New York, United States of America

Height:5 ft 5 in (165 cm)

Weight:117 lbs (53 kg)


If you don’t have the name Savanna Samson etched onto the palm of your hand, you’d better catch up with the times and get familiar with her incredible career. Savanna is a dream girl all the way – the kind you see when you get hit in the head or pass out from too much jerking off. She’s a busty angel whose photos adorn locker doors and dorm-room walls all over the planet. Standing at 5’5”, she supports the roundest pair of 34C cans that pulsate when she’s excited. Magazine-cover face, strong thighs, and a tight, bubbly ass, complete this perfect specimen of porno meat. Savanna was born in New York and moved to the city to become a ballerina. After giving up on that boring and thankless dream, she turned to stripping where she instantly felt more at home. Feeling her horny fantasies rise up in her, she wrote a letter to Rocco Siffredi, begging to star with him in a film, which she thought nobody would ever see. Well, "Rocco Meats An American Angel In Paris” became a smash hit, and the next thing Savanna knew, she was a mega slut star, a multiple AVN award winner, and even a contract girl with Vivid. We’ve got loads of Savanna’s greatest hits for you, where she’s choking on dick, leading an all-girl orgy, or getting double stuffed by two thick shlongs.
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Savanna Samson's Award-Winning Adult Movies

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Stefani and Monique are rivals on the same team, competing for the same guy, and a win in the National Cheerleading World Championships in Bakersfield, California. After Stefani suffers a fatal accident in a botched but fabulous flip, she meets her guardian angel, Penny Flame, and promptly makes a deal to go back to earth to avenge her loss. She reappears in the body of Hillary Scott, and from the gates of Heaven, all hell breaks loose.

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There are a million stories in the naked city. And some are actually naked. Paul Thomas presents the twisted tale of a woman who was not complete unless she was naked in public. At the bank, on the bus, at the carnival, all over town. Welcome to a major film with over 100 actors, made by adult's most awarded director, Paul Thomas, and featuring a superstar at her peak, Savanna Samson. Flasher. It's yours in a flash.

Watch The New Devil in Miss Jones movie


Paul Thomas reimagines adult cinema's greatest masterpiece in a brand new Devil in Miss Jones that Adult Video News is heralding a milestone! In it, Savanna (Miss Jones) is a virgin suicide who begs Jenna (The Devil) to grant her just a little more time on Earth before her descent into hell. Jenna obliges...but only if Miss Jones totally and completely surrenders herself to the sins of the flesh! Also includes the original Devil in Miss Jones See the trailer for The Devil In Miss Jones!

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The stage was set. Small-town girl leaves Anytown, America for the bright lights and big titties of Hollywood, California. Her first film turns out to be harder than she thought hardcore, that is. But she rides that cock to fame and fortune, only to face the one decision she never thought she'd have to make. Love or money. Career or caring, clapboards or picket fences. Join Vivid's bad girl Savanna Samson in a cautionary tale, Bare Stage. In which all of life's a stage and either can be lost in a snap.

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A sizzling 2-disc set which includes the original version of The Masseuse! The last time Paul Thomas visited The Masseuse, he won Best Picture and swept the AVN Awards from start to finish. Now he's back. And look who's at the table. Jenna. The world's biggest star in one of her most daring roles. Filled with domination, restraints, chains, and even a little oil for those aching muscles.

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The opportunities were endless. Gus' girl Savanna leaves him for his next door neighbor, and it drives him to the brink of suicide. An angel named Trina brings him back to sanity and they live the suburban dream in a cottage just outside of town. Until five years later, when Savanna moves back into his life. As in moving next door. A door closes. Adore opens. Come right in.

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Tawny was just trying to deliver a pizza, not at all asking get sucked into a twisted adventure with a demented screenwriter with dual personalities and an insatiable appetite for pepperoni. But hey, that's the way the dominoes fall sometimes.

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Four suburban couples, live on an anonymous culdesac in a nondescript suburb in Anytown, USA. The odd coincidence is that every one of their houses has a perfect view into every other one. Paul Thomas presents a major new film dealing with the American passion for voyeurism. Sneak a peek. Everyone else does...