Birthplace:Florida, United States of America

Height:5 ft 4 in (163 cm)

Weight:115 lbs (52 kg)


Prinzzess is absolute royalty when it comes to the masturbation and softcore lesbian porn realm. She’s a sugary babe with dirty blonde hair and a pair of peepers that can burn a hole through your panties. Prinzzess’ body is a wonderland of purity and innocence, at least until she starts feeling the horny hunger rise up inside her and gets a nice sweat going. Her tits are supermodel material, but maybe slightly bigger at 34B dimensions, and definite contenders for a prize in the category of perfect shapeliness. Once you start to explore her nether regions, get ready to discover a faultless pussy of perfect pink hues and a great girly gushing hole. Her ass cheeks, crack, and butthole make up a holy trinity of feminine rear-end excellence. This is one multiethnic package of hotness, with Native American, Central American and even a bit of Hungarian roots mixed in. Prinzzess was allegedly raised by strict missionary parents who took her to Belize when she was young. She came back to the States at 18 and got into nude modeling, and soon moved onto girl-on-girl scenes, having her first steamy shoot with Jessica Jaymes. She became a contract girl with Girlfriend Films, which provided her with plenty more snatch to sample in her expertly oral ways. Prinzzess won Pet of the Month prestige from Penthouse magazine, further establishing her fame. Today we’ve got a hefty sum of Prinzzess clips for you to drool and wank over.
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