Mila has several other porn aliases: Milo, Mila Kunis, Mishka, Lisa Latour, and Mila Shegol. She was born in Odessa, Ukraine, and holds an astrological sun sign of Taurus. A Caucasian Jewish lady with lovely blonde hair and brown eyes, she has no piercings or tattoos. Her beautiful body measures 34B-22-32, and she stands 5’3” tall and weighs 99lbs. Mila has 367 porn performer credits. Having entered the industry in 1996 when she was 26 years old, Mila also worked as a director between 1997 and 1999. She retired from porn in 2009. Her many anal and double penetration scenes prove that she loves to get nasty. She has a lot of fans because she clearly proves just how slutty she is through her appearances. Watch her get ass-fucked in the film Bootylicious Das Booty, which includes over thirty minutes of sheer sexuality. Countless fans have thought endlessly about licking and fucking her pretty asshole. She also loves to show off her dick-sucking skills often. In the film White Trash Whores 2, you can see all her skills until she gets cream all over her face. Her legacy continues here, as you can watch her in action and check out her pussy in pictures, clips, and videos. This slutty freak loves getting down and dirty. Another great clip to check out is Hottie Porn Stars Peg Anal Horny Butt Lover. She loves all kinds of sexy things. Check out her hot ass and tits bouncing roughly all over dicks.
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Perverted Stories 22” as always in the Perverted Stories” series, features four tales of perverted passion! The first, “Strawcock,” the way those corn stalks are moving there’s more than just wind blowing I the fields. Some say there something wicked out in the cornfield. That’s what our Polish visitor discovers when her visit to the country involves meeting a certain straw man. “The Devil Made Her Do It” is based on a true story of possession; this remarkable epic involves a young woman and an evil spirit that takes over her body. This demon makes her do disgusting and filthy things that you will have to watch to believe. In “Smells Like Fish, Taste Like Chicken,” when JJ has to work in the solitary oyster shucking room he discovers a very strange and magical oyster. Its mouth is deeper than any oyster he has ever seen. But does it have a pearl? And last but not least in “Don’t Look in the Closet,” little Jade is awoken from her sleep by the sounds of moaning and a strange beating noise from her closet. Is it just a dream? There couldn’t be anybody in her closet. She didn’t believe in boogiemen. Tonight will changer that because tonight she’ll find out what her holes are for!