Miko Lee

Miko Lee



Birthplace:San Diego, California, United States of America

Height:5 ft 9 in (175 cm)

Weight:121 lbs (55 kg)


Better get a leash on your crotch-cobras, boys, or put a muzzle on your muff-mouths, ladies, because Miko Lee will get your genitals barking and drooling like an animal house on lockup during a full moon. Miko is just one of those babes who’s brilliantly perfect for porno, with just the right mix of South-East Asian, Chinese, and good ol’ American looks and values. With mysterious oriental eyes, smooth tanned skin, and healthy chest curves and ass curves working for her, she’ll get your ball-milk up to a heady froth before you can clamp down on your dick to hold any in. Miko is also expertly skilled in all the ways of pleasurable porno pleasing. When she opens her mouth just a little, cock-heads leap and urethras chirp for attention. Her hot Asian gullet manages to make the biggest rods shrink to nothing but base and balls. That vagina of hers is like another magical trapdoor. Guys and girls are mesmerized by it and try to bury their faces in its secrets for hours. That adorable butthole of Miko’s also gets a lot of things buried in there, from tongues, to fists, to dicks. Miko came up in the VHS scene, lived through the DVD era, and helped usher in the Internet revolution. Now, she’s managing her own production company to guarantee herself the highest quality fucks, and to guarantee us the highest caliber jerk material.
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