Gwen Summers

Gwen Summers



Birthplace:Littlerock, California, United States of America

Height:5 ft 7 in (170 cm)

Weight:119 lbs (54 kg)


We’re not sure if you’re going to believe the story of how brunette stunner Gwen Summers got into porn. She grew up in a conservative, religious household and was probably a bit naive when she left the nest to go to university. She met the perfect man at school, and she had no idea that he was about to change her life in ways she never expected. "When I was in college, I met a guy in my English class, and we started dating for about a year,” Gwen explains. "I had no idea that he was involved with porn. We got married and within the first month that we were married I found out that the whole time he was living a double life as a pornstar.” Indeed, she had married pornstar Johnny Thrust. He obviously taught her a trick or two, helping her shake off years of repression and bring out her inner slut. She shot a scene with him and loved screwing on film, so she decided to become a pornstar, too. She has since sucked and fucked her way through hundreds of flicks, and we’ve got a selection of her greatest hits below.
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Gwen Summers's Award-Winning Adult Movies

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Loved by the media and her fans, Aurora is the most popular tennis player the sport has ever seen, but has never even won a tournament. That doesn't sit well with her peers, who decided it was time to put Miss Popular in her place. It's game, set, and match for poor Aurora, as she gets brutally violated.

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Having suffered amnesia from a car accident, young Ariel can't recall if the erotic episodes that flash through her mind are real or imagined. Is the older man who claims to be her father really a client in an exclusive brothel? Who's Justine? Her mother? Her stepmother? A madam? Is she dreaming or has she somehow become the captive in a bizarre, elaborate sex game of the rich and perverted?

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Asia Carrera stars as a scientist searching for the snow leopard in mythical Bardot. Her research is made complicated by poachers and unexpected true love. The sex ranges from tender to flat-out phenomenal. While blowjobs are the "specialite de maison" in this film, all the sex is performed with style and skill by stars that are almost too sexy to believe. Rated "Perfect 10" by Adult Video News.