Gina Ryder

Gina Ryder



Birthplace:San Antonio, Texas, United States of America

Height:5 ft 5 in (165 cm)

Weight:106 lbs (48 kg)


One look at busty Gina Ryder and your dick will be doing the Texas Extra Longhorn saddle dance for a chance to ride her. Gina is a sultry, smoky, and sometimes extra-sweaty fuck goddess. Of Latina descent, she was raised in San Antonio, Texas, home of a rich history: the Spurs, prairie oysters, and the American dream. For Gina, that dream meant cajoling some of the biggest bucking boners out of their chaps and smothering them in oral love before wrapping them in her hot vaginal lips. It doesn’t stop there, because like any good Texas gal, she wants it all, which means mouth, pussy, and asshole pleasing, and the studs are only too happy to oblige. All she has to do is flash her epically enhanced luscious 34D rack and boy toys of all sizes and colors will come crawling for a chance to penetrate her sex slits. This beauty got her start in porn at the age of 21, focusing solely on blowjob films and steamy facials. She also learned the arts of lesbian rug-munching along the way. Then she started getting down in some serious interracial action, deep-throating monster black dongs until she was tasting balls. With several years of experience behind her, her snatch and butthole became seasoned fuck pockets for anything to poke. Gina now has about 350 movies, and we recommend every single one!
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