Alice Romain

Alice Romain




Height:5 ft 3 in (160 cm)

Weight:119 lbs (54 kg)


Alice Romain will have you unknowingly pulling at your meat stick the second you even conjure up her name, whether you’re in the comfort of your own home wank zone or right out there in public. Imagine the things she’ll have you do when you start looking at her smutty thumbnails and try to choose a scene to eye-fuck all night. She’s an Eastern European hot box from the Romantic region of Romania, home of Dracula and lettuce. Alice doesn’t suck blood or care much for leafy greens, as she prefers sucking hot, throbbing meat shafts. She can blow so well, fire departments keep her on call to extinguish fires during emergencies, and to suck the firemen’s cocks during downtime. With a natural pair of Double-D flappers, a tight waist, and curvaceous ass, Alice can be a one-woman nut-busting show. Give her a fuck partner or two, or three, and you’ll see the horny beast rise up and devour every pussy and dick within her reach. Like any Euro slut, a fuck job for Alice is never complete until all three holes have been deeply probed, especially her anal love tunnel. She’ll gladly suck off any dick that’s been in an ass, whether it’s hers or a girlfriend’s. She’ll also eagerly suck the cum out of a chick’s destroyed vagina after a dude cream-pies it. Sometimes she takes her money-shots, and other times she squirts one out herself… either way, there’s no slut task too big for Alice Romain.
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