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Watch When Rocco Meats Kelly 2 movie


(In Barcelona): 4 1/2 stars, Editor's Choice, AVN. Nominated for Best Foreign Vignette Tape & Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Release for 1999, AVN. Featuring: Kelly, Betty Blue, Rumica Poa, Edina Blonde, Alba Dea Monte, Carmen, Holly One, and a midget. Kelly's back for more, and Rocco's gives it to her! Kelly has pushed the boundaries yet again, this time with public nudity and sex. She travels to an erotic trade show in Barcelona, pulling out anonymous fan's dicks and sucking them in middle of a crowd! She bends over and spreads her ass cheeks for hundred of people to see. If she wasn't escorted out, you can bet she'd have been gangbanged by God knows how many guys that night. There's lots more multiple partner sex, and a VERY unusual scene with a MIDGET that has to be seen to be believed!